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Why the Isle of Man?

The Isle of Man has long been recognised as a unique European centre for international shipping business and where, more importantly, it has become the flag of choice for today’s modern maritime business.

The Island has also become a convenient base for ship management operations,taking advantage of the low costs involved in operating from the Island, and from the beneficial tax regime currently in force. Enjoying the same time zone as the UK, and never more than one hour different from its European counterparts, the Isle of Man also has easy transport links by both sea and air.

Companies based in the Island can enjoy the quality of life associated with a relaxed island location while making use of exceptional telecommunications links to the rest of the world and the facility to conduct business in the other shipping centres of Europe with ease.

The Island's tax strategy currently provides for a zero rate of corporation tax applicable to shipping related earnings as well as a number of other benefits making the Isle of Man a cost effective centre in which to undertake shipping business.

The Isle of Man has a long established maritime industry and its Shipping Register forms part of the British Register, the first ships having been registered in 1786. The implementation of the 1991 Merchant Shipping Registration Act provided the Isle of Man with a forward-looking legislative framework within which the shipping industry operates.

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