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Welcome to Cayman National.

The Cayman National Group has over 35 years experience in private and corporate banking, fiduciary, wealth management and fund administration services. Our portfolio of clients range from wealthy individuals and their families through to entrepreneurs, smaller companies, investment business, financial intermediaries and charitable concerns.


Cayman National’s offices are conveniently located in the Isle of Man, the Cayman Islands and Dubai. Our global network of offices covers all time zones and we are able to operate together as one firm and provide reciprocal support and expertise to each other.

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Latest News from Cayman National

The World of Virtual Currencies by Ian Bancroft, Managing Director

Virtual or digital currencies are electronic currencies that are stored, exchanged and used entirely through computer media. They are not legal tender, but provided a sufficiently large user communicate are prepared to place trust in them, they can be used for the settlement of transactions and for savings purposes. Although such digital currencies have been in existence for quite some time, there has been a significant surge in interest over the past year in crypto currencies, which are a subset of the virtual currency universe, and in particular in 'Bitcoin', which was the first crypto-currency, launched in 2009.

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Update on information exchange by Ian Bancroft, Managing Director

After some delays and with no small measure of confusion and complication for the entire financial services community, FATCA (the Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act) has finally arrived. Although FATCA was originally a US initiative, the UK introduced a comparable regime for the British territories, which follows a very similar path to the US regime, even to the extent of referring in the UK regulations to 'checking accounts', a spelling previously unfamiliar to banking on this side of the Atlantic! Consequently, in relation to our US and UK clients, the FATCA regime commenced on 1 July.

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